Intelligent Security: The Future Is Here

Enterprise-level organizations are facing an entirely new security paradigm. Sensitive Data and Critical IP no longer resides safely in a vault protected by traditional, centralized defense-in-depth strategies. With the growing trend of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and cloud-based applications accessible from public networks and accessed by unknown users on untrusted devices; changes in behavior, access, and authorization have overwhelmed traditional defense strategies. Data, applications, and users are increasingly distributed, exposed, and at risk.

In today’s environment, governments, corporations and universities need a single security strategy that works all the time — on premises or off in the cloud —to reduce risk while enhancing the access and experience of users. Syntegrity has been focused on integrating Identity, Data, and Application Security Platforms for nearly two decades. Our deep domain expertise with both Identity Management and Data security has led to the belief that the traditional three tiers of security — physical, point-source network and Identity solutions — have become incapable of securing data independently.  We believe that enterprises must find a way to drive convergence across security platforms in a way that unifies visibility and response to threats as they emerge, strengthening the protection provided by each tier.

This approach is at the core of Syntegrity’s vision for the future of enterprise security. We are creating a new form of data protection through “Intelligent Security” that merges traditionally isolated platforms. This can only be achieved through proactive solutions that use big data to intelligently link user identities with specific devices, behaviors, and transactions. That data is then leveraged within mobile, social, and legacy applications to create an effective context-based protection against existing and potential threats. 

Authorization must be set dynamically to create a context for intelligent security based upon data sensitivity, velocity, occurrence, user behavior, device, and application risk.

By integrating and enabling these platforms to communicate with each other we create a single, dynamic security shield for protection against security threats down to the user, device, and application levels. We believe it is an approach that will be the center point of every enterprise’s security strategy, creating a single point of service that dramatically enhances visibility, control, and protection while reducing operational costs. With Syntegrity, the future of enterprise security is here.