Syntegrity has deep relationships with each of its technology partners that brings insights and advantages to the table that other companies cannot match. As a multiple award-winning technology partner, we have direct access to the research and development teams of all the leading technology vendors, providing insights into multiple roadmaps that enable us to keep clients abreast of the rapidly changing security product landscape.

Our core integration partners are companies that we believe offer best-of-breed solutions in a rapidly evolving landscape. The data their products collect augments the visibility created by our Intelligent Security Engine to provide an entirely new level of intelligent and context-based decisions within the security platform and across the enterprise. We are proud that our core integration partners include:

  • UnboundID - Provides the industry’s leading software platform for customer identity and access management.
  • Gluu - Making the Internet a safer place for people and businesses.
  • Imperva - Protecting your business from attack, theft, and fraud.  
  • CodeGreen - Enterprise data loss protection without the complexity.
  • EnCap - Safe access to a smart world.
  • Seclore - Solutions for enterprise information rights management.
  • Tuebora - Inclusive IAM/IAG for all organizations.
  • ForeScout - Automated solutions for network access control, mobile security, endpoint compliance, and threat prevention.
  • FireEye - Advanced Persistent Threat Protection